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What to see and see in Jarosławiec by the sea

Jaroslawiec - holiday resort situated among the pine forests, near two lakes: Kopań and Wicko.


Jarosławiec's biggest attraction is a sandy beach and a wonderful microclimate. For years bathing in Jarosławiec boasts the highest purity of water - first class. In Jarosławiec you can also admire the partially preserved 19th century building, the over 30-meter cliff with viewpoint, the dune vegetation - including the unique beach promenade.


Jaroslawiec also offers you a wide range of food and beverage options - about 50 fish and fish restaurants and the possibility of buying fresh fish directly from the sea at the fishing harbor. The clean environment of iodine-saturated surroundings makes the municipality one of the "Green Lungs of Poland".


Apart from a sunny holiday, Jaroslawiec also has a lot to offer to those who wish to actively spend their holidays outside the hotel. In the town you can take a boat trip, horse riding on the sandy beach or in the pine forest. Bath can be enjoyed not only in the sea or in the "Albatrosa" pools, but also in the neighboring outdoor Aquapark, or the covered Darłowo Water Park with heated sea water. You can also go to a nearby lake, take a boat or a water bike.


Anglers also have their paradise here. For them are prepared numerous fishing offers. There is also a lighthouse in the very center of Jarosławiec dating back to 1828 and measuring 33.3 meters. From the panoramic balcony you can see the wonderful panorama of the town, the Baltic Sea and two coastal lakes.


During the summer season, Jaroslawiec has a number of entertainment events that perfectly complement the Albatros Hotel: from the famous International Beach to Sand Sculpture Competition, the Festival of Dance and Cabaret Night to the Water Show.

Surroundings of Jarosławiec - selected attractions:

Those who enjoy physical activity can make a cycling trip to Darłówek along an extremely picturesque route by the seashore or exciting escapade on the firing range (headquarters permission required).Słowiński National Park with the “moving dunes”, which are unique in Europe, isalso worth to see.The Park of 18247 hectares area was established on 1st January 1967 and in 1977 it was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.The name of the Park traces back to the name of Pomeranian populace consanguineous with Kashubians – Słowińców.

The natural conditions that have given protected landscapes such a high statute are: the moving dunes, coastal lakes, richness of flora and fauna."Krata land" is another tourist attraction. It was established in 1994. The source of the name is the characteristic appearance of buildings erected from wooden poles and clay painted white. Geometric design from afar is a black lattice on a white background. There are over 2,500 historic buildings erected 150-200 years ago. Village called "the capital of the lattice", in which holiday meetings are held for the youngest "Children's Farm". It is one of the most historically interesting villages in Pomerania since it has survived unchanged since the 13th century. It preserved its medieval layout, and some of its buildings are over 150 years old. In Swolow there are many examples of half-timbered buildings typical of the Pomeranian villages, so the village is considered a "Pomeranian village of European cultural heritage". Open-air museum in Kluki - historic settlement - Słowińców open air museum. It consists of 18th century farmhouses, farm buildings, household items and fishing equipment.



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